Sunday, February 19, 2017

Director of Student Activities - Community Input

UCF Parents and Guardians,

The District is creating a new Administrative role focused on Student Activities.  As a Community, we recognize how participation in Student Activities contributes to the development of many vital (Wellness) traits like adaptability, resilience and optimism, which further empower students to unlock their greater potential for success in life.

We are inviting parents and guardians to join us for focus group sessions on this new role.


The Board has asked the Administration to engage stakeholders in the development of a job description for this new position.  Over the next month surveys and focus groups will be used to collect feedback from stakeholders, leading to the development of a job description and employment search.

It is envisioned that this new position will oversee student activities, athletics and clubs across the District.  Our growing focus on Wellness, combined with our demonstrated record of excellence in Academics, better enables us to deliver on our mission “to empower students to succeed in life and contribute to society.”  As we refine the organizational structure to integrate activities, athletics and clubs, we will view these areas through the critical lens of Student Well-Being.

We appreciate the outstanding commitment and exemplary performance that Joe Derickson has brought to our current Athletic Director position and structure.  As we move forward with the new focus and organization structure, we know we are building on a fine foundation that Joe has helped develop.

Focus groups and surveys will be conducted with representatives from teams, clubs and student activities within our schools, and also with activity organizers from our greater Community.  After reviewing Stakeholder input on short and long term goals, a job description and the related organizational structure information will be presented to the Board for review (this spring).  Our  goal is to have the Administrative position approved by May and the candidate selected and starting employment by July.


We want to hear from you.  Please attend one of three sessions being held for parents and guardians.  These sessions will provide us with valuable information as we set the direction for this new role.
The sessions will be held over the next 3 weeks.  Please pick the session that is most convenient for you.  All sessions are from 7:00 PM to 8:30 PM in the high school library.
  1. Tuesday, February 21st
  2. Tuesday, February 28th
  3. Thursday, March 9th
Please RSVP to


DRAFT job description
Starter questions for discussion

Friday, February 17, 2017

THANK YOU! A note from the UCF Curriculum Department

Dear Parents,

We deeply appreciate the time taken by so many of you who provided feedback during this year’s curriculum review. The following represents some of the ways that parents have given us very valuable feedback.
  • We had over 100 parents participate in the Gifted Services parent focus groups. The input provided us with key insights to help us improve services for students - not only for those identified as being gifted, but for all students as well.
  • Over 80 parents provided feedback in our annual Year 1 Curriculum Council survey. The focus of this survey was English Language Arts, Math, and World Language. This feedback will be shared, along with the feedback from the members of the Curriculum Council, with the teachers and administrators on the specific curriculum committees.
  • We also had 173 parents respond to our Kindergarten-2nd grade survey. This survey focused on our K-2 program and was sent to all 2nd-5th grade families. The results of this survey have been shared with the committee and has helped inform their discussions a variety of issues related to our youngest learners.
We greatly value the voice of all stakeholders as we discuss and plan possible improvements to our program. We thank all participants for taking the time to help inform us of your perspective on what is working and what needs to be improved. Your partnership and support is critical as we continually drive to improve this excellent school district and empower our students for success in life.

Learn More...
  • Working with the Curriculum Council and the School Board, we were able to get so many new and exciting programs launched this year.  Take a look at the Year 2 Curriculum Review Update - 2-13-17 to learn more about these programs.
  • The Curriculum Department website provides documentation on all K-12 curriculum, Curriculum and Educational Technology Board Documents and an overview of the "Curriculum Cycle" process

Monday, February 13, 2017

UHS students pitch in for project that aids developing nations

Max Baines, Cade Chichton, Evan Surian, Sam Staropoli, Tyler Cameron, Robert Schofield and Tate Shughart

UHS Tech students came to the rescue to help Project C.U.R.E. send much needed medical resources to Tunisia.

Read more about the effort here

Congratulations to Four of our UHS Band Students

The Pennsylvania Music Educator's Association held the District 12 High School Band Concert at Rustin High School on February 11th.  PMEA District 12 consists of Delaware, Chester, and Philadelphia counties.

Megan Atkinson (French Horn), Michael Dirnberger (Clarinet), Casey Jennings (French Horn), and Isaac Lacombe (Trumpet) represented Unionville High School at the festival.  Michael and Casey are moving on to Region 6 Band in March.

Congratulations to all four Unionville High School students.

Friday, February 10, 2017

UCF Education Foundation Shoe Re-Use Program

Please donate to the UCF Education Foundation Shoe Re-Use Program

The Green Initiatives Committee of the U-CF Education Foundation, with the support of the district, is launching a district-wide program to promote sustainability by collecting your used sneakers and fitness shoes. This program touches many facets of sustainability.  It keeps shoes out of the landfill and promotes re-use, as well as develops an environmentally and economically sustainable industry for developing villages.

1. Collected shoes from our district will be shipped to Runners Village, Ghana. There they are sold, and the proceeds go to setting up tree farms (fruit trees, trees used for buildings, etc.) in the village. The locals are trained to maintain them, creating a perpetual source of income.

2. The entire program is funded by the proceeds from the sale of the shoes.
3. The unusable ones (about 20%) go to Nike Grind, where they are ground up and used on playgrounds and other purposes.

4. The MORE Foundation, who executes this program, expects to take in about 300K pairs of shoes this year, helping 10 villages.

5. There is a box in either the gym or main lobby of every school in the district. Please drop off your old sneakers - any size, any condition.This is an ongoing program, and the collection box will remain in the lobby throughout the year.

For more information go to or see flyer.

Wednesday, February 8, 2017

UHS Art Students to be Honored at the Tri-County Art Show

Lyndsay Hastings Art work
Lyndsay Hastings - Tightrope
Dara Jin's Art Work
Dara Jin's - Hands
Irene Liu's Art work
Irene Liu's - Snail

Congratulations to the following Unionville High School Art students who will be honored at our first invitational, Tri-County Art Show. The Tri-County high school student exhibition  is a quota-limited show at Montgomery County Community College's West Campus at North Hall Art Gallery in Pottstown, Pennsylvania. 

The Unionville community is invited to join us at the reception on Feb.15th from 5-7 pm and welcome everyone who would like to attend!  Five Oil Paintings by Ms.Benson's seniors of #artstudio282 include work by Lyndsay Hastings, Dara Jin, Irene Liu, Lily Neff-Peterson, and Isabella Davulco. Three stoneware pottery pieces will be shown by Mrs. Dilworth's students Jessica Homitz ,Lauren Hughes, and Rayna Miller of #artstudio288.  

Exhibition is open to the public until March 24.
The awards ceremony will start at 6pm.