Monday, April 27, 2015

Regional awards for German students

Guten Tag! 
On Saturday morning, the regional chapter of AATG held their annual awards ceremony at the Canstatter Volksverein in Northeast Philadelphia. German students from the Philadelphia area and Delaware were awarded various prizes and scholarships for their performance on the National German Exam this winter.

Stephen Holt, a senior at UHS, won the top award, a $1000 scholarship from the Barbara Hoess Memorial fund. Stephen was the top scoring non-native speaker in the region!

Other award winners:
Ida-Louise Andersen - $150 cash award from Brauhaus Schmitz
Jack Lose - $100 giftcard to Brauhaus Schmitz
Meike Grillmaier - $50 Barnes and Noble giftcard from Schlaraffia Filadelphia
Lee Schulingkamp - $50 cash award from Die Alten Herren 

Medals were also awarded to all gold, silver and bronze award winners.

Former UHS student, Bridget Bulkley, won a $3000 scholarship from the German Society of Philadelphia. Bridget is majoring in German at Franklin & Marshall College and will spend her junior year studying in Heidelberg, Germany.

Congratulations to all of the UHS German students!