Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Jason Silverman, UHS graduate and now aeronautical engineer with SpaceX

From the National Merit Scholarship Annual Report

Jason Silverman
University  of  Southern California
Majored in astronautical engineering
Chief design engineer at the USC Pocket Propulsion Laboratory Recipient of  USC 's Mon Family  Scholarship
Two-time  winner  of  the Astronaut  Scholarship
Completed  a  bachelor‘s degree  and a  master's degree  in four years

Jason C. Silverman earned a bachelor’s degree and a master’s degree in astronautical engineering from the University of Southern California (USC). As an incoming freshman, he was one of only ten recipients of the Mork Family Scholarship, an internationally competitive, full-tuition award for USC students. He was further honored in both his junior and senior years of college when he was selected as a winner of the prestigious Astronaut Scholarship, an award provided by a foundation created by the Mercury 7 astronauts in order to support U.S. students of science and engineering.

In his time at USC, Jason served as the avionics lead, structures lead, webmaster, and chief design engineer at the USC Rocket Propulsion Laboratory, and conducted research on space trajectories in Beijing at China’s renowned Tsinghua University. He also completed two summer internships at SpaceX, working in both thermal control and life support engineering. His research in Beijing and time at SpaceX affirmed his choice to pursue a career in aerospace engineering.

Jason continued to work part-time at SpaceX during his senior year in college and is now a structures engineer for the company. He is working on the life support system for the Dragon 2 crew capsule, a vehicle designed to hold up to seven crew members and provide more economical access to Earth orbit, the International Space Station, and lunar missions. In his career in aeronautical engineering,Jason hopes to contribute to space exploration and efforts to engineer a self-sustaining civilization on Mars. He believes that “space exploration is a vital outlet for humanity’s will to explore, as well as a catalyst for new technologies and philosophies.”