Friday, May 13, 2016

George Claypoole - Citadel Heart of Learning Finalist

Great teachers lead to great students who go on to success in life.  George Claypoole is one of those great teachers.  The 39 year veteran at Hillendale Elementary was recently honored as a finalist at the Citadel Heart of Learning Awards Banquet.

A recent post on Facebook about George was the number one most engaging post we made this year, with heartfelt comments from past students, parents and colleagues here and around the country.

Take a look for yourself on Facebook (no account required)

The Awards Banquet was held last week, attended by family members, UCF Administrators and Board members.

6ABC News also featured ran a short clip on the banquest

We thank all of our dedicated teachers for their efforts on our students behalf.  Below is the list of all UCF Teachers honored this year with a nomination.

Joe Ahart
Karen Amoss
Curtis Barr
Robyn Brazill
Cathleen Cipollini
Jennifer Clark
George Claypoole
Bethany Clemson
Lori Collins
Jennifer Corcoran
Debbie Crosson
Lisa Dougherty
Megan Doyer
Jessice Gallagher
Lauren Johnson
Ashley Keller
Kelli Khan
Farrah Lawrence
David Lichter
Jerry Little
Charles Manning
Vanessa Marchetto
Kelly Martinelli
Julie McGirl
Julie Morettinni
Cheryl Nelson
Amanda O’Neil
Todd Picard
Melinda Riley
Jenna Roberts
Jean Russell
Elizabeth Shoemaker
Amy Simonds
Laurie Swisher
Jennifer Tatum
Tiffany Toth
John Wagner
Heather Wanner

Learn more about this program and see the full list of all honorees.

Citadel Hear of Learning Website