Sunday, February 19, 2017

Director of Student Activities - Community Input

UCF Parents and Guardians,

The District is creating a new Administrative role focused on Student Activities.  As a Community, we recognize how participation in Student Activities contributes to the development of many vital (Wellness) traits like adaptability, resilience and optimism, which further empower students to unlock their greater potential for success in life.

We are inviting parents and guardians to join us for focus group sessions on this new role.


The Board has asked the Administration to engage stakeholders in the development of a job description for this new position.  Over the next month surveys and focus groups will be used to collect feedback from stakeholders, leading to the development of a job description and employment search.

It is envisioned that this new position will oversee student activities, athletics and clubs across the District.  Our growing focus on Wellness, combined with our demonstrated record of excellence in Academics, better enables us to deliver on our mission “to empower students to succeed in life and contribute to society.”  As we refine the organizational structure to integrate activities, athletics and clubs, we will view these areas through the critical lens of Student Well-Being.

We appreciate the outstanding commitment and exemplary performance that Joe Derickson has brought to our current Athletic Director position and structure.  As we move forward with the new focus and organization structure, we know we are building on a fine foundation that Joe has helped develop.

Focus groups and surveys will be conducted with representatives from teams, clubs and student activities within our schools, and also with activity organizers from our greater Community.  After reviewing Stakeholder input on short and long term goals, a job description and the related organizational structure information will be presented to the Board for review (this spring).  Our  goal is to have the Administrative position approved by May and the candidate selected and starting employment by July.


We want to hear from you.  Please attend one of three sessions being held for parents and guardians.  These sessions will provide us with valuable information as we set the direction for this new role.
The sessions will be held over the next 3 weeks.  Please pick the session that is most convenient for you.  All sessions are from 7:00 PM to 8:30 PM in the high school library.
  1. Tuesday, February 21st
  2. Tuesday, February 28th
  3. Thursday, March 9th
Please RSVP to


DRAFT job description
Starter questions for discussion