Friday, March 3, 2017

School Start Time Committee Recommendation

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 The School Start Time Committee has come to a point where it needs community input before a final presentation to the Board on April 17th.  The committee, comprised of 29 community members representing a variety of stakeholder groups has come to a consensus on the key points needed to move forward.

  • The scientific evidence is compelling
  • The results already achieved by school districts with later start times back up the science
  • Later school start times will result in health and wellness benefits for our students
  • We can adjust start times at an acceptable cost
  • The proposed new start times minimize disruption to stakeholders

After several months of research, analysis, discussion and compromise the School Start Time Committee proposes to:

  • Start and end High School and Middle School 25 minutes later
  • Start and end Elementary Schools 15 minutes later

The recommendation requires all stakeholders to adapt to the new start and end times.  Some adaptations are minor others more significant.  The Committee has tried to identify and address all the necessary stakeholder adaptations and is prepared to present and discuss plan details with all stakeholders.

The committee will be presenting the recommendation, rationale and implications at a series of forums throughout the month of March.

It's Your Turn
  • Come to one of the presentations
  • Visit the School Start Time Committee website, there you will find all of the meeting minutes and resources used to make this recommendation.
  • Fill out the Community Input Survey and let the Committee know your thoughts (the survey will remain open until the end of March).

School Start Time Committee Presentation Schedule

Open Community Meetings
March 7th 7:00 PM CFPMS - Auditorium
March 8th 7:00 PM UHS - LGI
March 23 7:00 PM HES - LGI
March 30 7:00 PM CFES  - Gym

Questions? Contact us at
We look forward to seeing you at one of the presentations.