Tuesday, April 4, 2017

UHS Students Win Awards at the Chester County Science Research Competition

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The following students won awards at the Chester County Science Research Competition which was held March 6.

Maxine Adams, 9th, Analysis of pH of Commercial Bottled Water, 1st place in Medicine and Health

Nicholas Hall, 9th, Effectiveness of Dog Saliva in Inhibiting Bacterial Growth, 2nd place, Microbiology

Will Knipe, 9th, Facial Recognition Home Security using Convolutional Neural Networks, 1st place, Computer Science, Won Best of Show

Carolyn Koberg, 9th, Waking up:  Light vs. Dark, 1st place, Behavioral and Social Sciences

Evan Wang, 9th, Thermal Diffusivity Measurement of Graphene-based Foils by the Flash Method, 1st place, Engineering, Won 3rd place Best of Show

Sam Fisher, 10th, Cape Cod Erosion: Man vs. Nature, 1st place, Engineering

Zahra Hussain, 11th, Desalination and Purification of Seawater, 2nd place, Environmental Science

Arushi Sahay, 11th, Effectiveness of Temperature on Antimony Concentration in PET Plastic Water Bottles, 1st place, Medicine and Health

Sagar Maheshwari, 12th, SiteKey: A Novel Binding Site Predictor for Ordered Proteins interacting with Intrinsically Disordered Proteins, 1st place, Computer Science, Won 2nd place Best of Show, and the Richard and Patty Smith Award.

All of these students will advance to the Delaware Valley Science Research Competition to be held on April 5.