Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Karalyn Joseph Selected as Student of the Quarter

Karalyn Joseph is Selected as the Longwood Rotary Club's Student of the Quarter

Beth Lynch, a counselor at  Unionville High School, said Karalyn Joseph was an easy selection for the counselors to make. Karalyn has the usual excellent grades and is very active in and initiates community projects. For example, Karalyn created the idea for and directed a play for special needs students. 

Karalyn admits she spends a lot of time in musical theater and singing. These activities came naturally as part of helping her parents operate the Sandy Hill Camp in Maryland along with her brother and sister. Karalyn studied dance for 15 years, which also taught her how to act. She has been on stage for about 12 years now. The high quality results could be seen when she played Mary Poppins in the school play recently. 

Karalyn participates in all but one of the choirs at Unionville High School. The choirs have won district, state and national championships. The District choir was invited to sing at Disney World, which was a great fun trip. Karalyn started three of the acappella singing groups at school. 

Karalyn took a service trip to Thailand with her church several weeks ago. On this trip she had the opportunity to direct a show. 

Karalyn plans to make music and theater the focus of her future. First she will study music theater at Harvard and then wants to eventually use music for therapy.