Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Basketball Buddy Program - Basketball League for Children with Disabilities.

Dear UCF Community; 

Our schools and our community are focused on a common aim of doing what is best for children. Throughout the history of our district, our community and our staff have given their time, their talents, and their treasure to ensure that each child has what they need to unlock their unique and limitless potential. We feel strongly that every child needs space and time to grow, nurtured by great opportunities and loving support. 

KAU Little League and URA have joined forces to offer a community based recreational basketball league for children with disabilities. Their goal is to provide an opportunity for children with cognitive and developmental disabilities, between the ages of 6-18, to play basketball. Each team will have an assigned coach and volunteers “Buddies” from either Kennett or Unionville High School to assist with the practices and games.

2018 is the inaugural season and will last 6 weeks starting approximately February 3rd and run until approximately March 17th. Three games will be played at Kennett and three games will be played at Unionville facilities. Games will be played either on a Saturday or Sunday. Based on the enrollment numbers teams will be matched or evenly distributed by age.

Volunteers: Each game will require 6 volunteers (excluding coaches) to provide the best playing experience.

•2 Referees – preferably HS Basketball players
•2 Scorers – one for the book and one manages the clock
•2 Game helpers – one for each team will be on the court to help guide and instruct players and keep  the game moving.

Practice: Each team will be assigned 1 practice per week either at a Kennett or Unionville facility.

Games: Each game will be 8 minute quarters with a running clock and an 8 minute half time. Referees are instructed to call fouls but manage the flow of the game to the best of their abilities. Game basketballs will be supplied by the league.

Uniforms and Equipment: Each participant will be provided a game jersey. No other equipment is required.

Fee: The league fee will be $25.00 per player.

How can I get involved? This is the first year for this program and we will need volunteers, coaches and supporters and sponsors to get this program up and running. This is a great way to get your service hours!

If you are willing to help, please contact Matt Patterson (KCSD) at (610) 613 8558 or John Daly (URA) (302) 650 9027.

Thank you for support with such a great program.

John Sanville