Tuesday, January 30, 2018

UES Spreading Kindness Throughout our Community

In February, Unionville Elementary students are taking part in The Great Kindness Challenge.The Great Kindness Challenge is proudly presented by Kids for Peace, a global nonprofit organization.

Kids for Peace started organically as a neighborhood group of kids wanting to make our world a better place, and has grown into an interconnected network of young peacebuilders worldwide.

At the heart of The Great Kindness Challenge is the simple belief that kindness is strength. They also believe that as an action is repeated, a habit is formed. With the Great Kindness Challenge checklist in hand, students have the opportunity to repeat kind act after kind act. As kindness becomes a habit, peace becomes possible.

UES students are proudly participating in this proactive, positive kindness initiative from February 5-16. We are also happy to invite YOU, our community to participate. Together, let’s show the world that...KINDNESS MATTERS!

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The Great Kindness Challenge School Checklist

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