Tuesday, March 6, 2018

All Schools and Offices Closed - Wednesday, March 7th. All Evening Activities are Cancelled!

Good evening,
The March Lion is not finished…yet….and we want to get out of his way… so for tomorrow March 7 - all UCFSD schools and offices are closed.

During the Oscars last weekend Winston Churchill was prominent in two of the films - Dunkirk and Darkest Hour. Sir Winston is often referred to as the Last Lion and Lion of the Realm - it certainly seems as if March 2018 is channeling its inner Churchill. While Churchill inspired Britain to “never surrender” - I am hopeful that this years’ March Lion gives way to the lamb.

I come by my fondness for Winston Churchill honestly as both my parents were British and both fought in World War II. However, for a more local connection -- my bride Debbie would like you to remember that Winston Churchill's mother - Jennie Jerome - was a New Yorker!

The great thing about March snow is that it does not last very long - I hope... Stay warm, be safe, and enjoy the last roar (Again - I hope!) from the Winter Lion!

John Sanville